Is this class over already?

Just about everyone has heard about 21st century skills. I took a look at the article about the characteristics of a 21st century teacher.  I thought that it was great to look at the different characteristics as it helps teachers to see what areas that they are strong in and others they need to grow in.

Here are the 15 Characteristics:

Learner-Centered classroom and personalized instructionsStudents as producersLearn new technologiesGo globalBe smart and use smart phonesBlogGo digitalCollaborateUse twitter chatConnectProject-based learningBuild your positive digital footprintCodeInnovateKeep learning Wow! I feel like we have covered a few of these throughout this course. I think that this course really has helped me see some areas that I want to develop more, and continue on. Blogging wasn't something I thought I would keep doing, but I have enjoyed getting a look at how this can be used on a regular basis. The twitter chats were fun to experience, but I think I need to join in o…

Where does my teaching fall?

A lot of the concepts that were presented this week were concepts that have been talking about in each of our classes. The SAMR model is a great starting point for all teachers to start working with when starting to use technology in the classroom.

The Triple E concept was the one that is new to me. I found it engaging to read the check list that Nicole provided to see ways to determine if my technology is really making a difference. So let's first discuss the Triple E concept.
I like that this concept is simple and easy to understand. As an educator builds a lesson, each E allows the teacher to see the true effectiveness for the technology being used. Technology being added into a classroom should have a purpose. I like that this model has 3 areas that it can provide a purpose. Extending a lesson allows it to get to the next level. Enhancing it allows for further development, and engaging helps keep the focus on the learning targets and not just how it can be presented in a differ…

How many Karen Perrys are there in the world?

Well this blog post is one of the harder ones for me to type. There are a LOT of "Karen Perry"s. There is a famous author, one who had her children killed in a plane crash, and a bunch of others. I searched with my name in quotes, added in my middle initial, and with my full middle name. The only thing that I could find under the search with my full middle name was under images. There was a picture of me from my twitter account, and a photo I took of my calculator at a TI conference.

So then I started to look myself up on Here I was found on the first page and it was a photo from my facebook page. This also popped up more information on me once you clicked into the page. It was interesting to see that the addresses listed were some recent, but others were older from high school. I moved around a lot as a student due to apartments and such, so I was surprised to see some of the old addresses. has two Karen Perry's listed in Waukegan, IL. This was kin…

The Twitter.... huh?

#AlmotForgotToPost #Schoolisalmostover #Lifejustgotextracrazy

We all remember Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon back in 2013 with their #hashtag skit, right? No? Have you been living under a rock, or don't follow Jimmy on Twitter? Well then, you must watch the skit before I can even go on. I'll wait.

Ok, so now that we have that out of the way. Let's get down to business. I decided to take a look into twitter a little bit more. Part of that comes from he sparked interest from the twitter chat earlier this term. I looked through some of the different articles Nicole provided, and thought that this one is great for all to read if you are first starting out with Twitter in general. How to speak the Twitter.
I liked how it was a simple break down of the social media app and what you can do with it.

By now, I think that most of us are past that point with Twitter. So then I started looking at some other articles. 10 Tips for Tweeting Teachers was the next article that I looked…

Creativity in the classroom!

Creativity within the classroom is something that some feel is needed for students to grow. I think that this is something that does need to be incorporated into the classroom even just a little bit. With some content area it is easier for a student to be creative then others. If I taught a history or literature course creativity would be flowing! In the mathematics classroom is isn't as easy to include some creativity for the students.

Within in my classroom, I try to be creative when I possible. I don't think that creativity is only based around some art based project, but I think it can be seen within the way that I teach a lesson. When I taught geometry a few years ago I needed to get creative in the way I taught my students about proofs. When I first introduced the concept to my students, I told them that they needed to give me instructions on how to get from the door to the classroom back to my desk chair. My students started to have me move and I followed the direction…

Digital Literacy

As the world of technology has expanded, along with the amount information accessible on the internet, digital literacy is an important topic to discuss with students, parents, and teachers.

Digital literacy can be defined as the capability to use digital technology and knowing when and how to use it.  

Literacy is no longer just what you read from a book, news paper, or magazine. Today, we include anything that can be accessible via the internet. I have never been a big reader, and once I got a kindle I began reading more. I was able to access new things to read, and expand my literacy.

What comes along with these advances in the idea that everyone needs to know how to use these skills and be able to operate them effectively. I included the graphic to the left as it breaks down the different areas that need to be explored for digital literacy. Digital literacy isn't learning how to use multi-media, or typing a paper, or using the online sources without knowing what information i…

What does the research say?

What does the research have to say anyways? I found this weeks topic interesting. There is a lot of research that is out there that is geared toward education. Sometimes it isn't that easy to know what you are looking at and how that information applies. 

Project Tomorrow: This site was pretty neat to explore. One of the first things that I looked at was the list of top schools. One of the over all top school districts was Brevard County in Florida. Why would this be something to stand out to me? Well, my family lived in Brevard County. Many of the middle and elementary schools that responded to this research were in the same city that my mom lives in, Titusville. I didn't think I would see them on the list of top participates, as most of the people I have seen in the town itself have been older people. 

The Mindset List: I really liked this list! There are so many things on it that I don't even know where to begin. There were a couple different ones on the class of 2020 lis…