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21st Century Skills

This week I wanted to take a look at the article Beyond the Three Rs Voter Attitudes toward 21st Century Skills. Over the last few years I have started taking more interest in the voting for school board members for the district I live and also happen to teach in. This is what sparked me to look into what some of the research says about the voter attitudes toward these skills.

Boy was this article full of stats! I feel like every other sentence had a new number or percentage attached to it. On page three of the article, there was a graphic that shows the different gaps between the skills that the voter valued and how well they thought the school teach those skills. I've included a screenshot of the bar graph for you to see right away.

I found it interesting how reading comprehension was voted low in how it was being taught compared to the level of computer and technology skills. One would think that while teaching computer and technology skills that the reading comprehension would…