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Is this class over already?

Just about everyone has heard about 21st century skills. I took a look at the article about the characteristics of a 21st century teacher.  I thought that it was great to look at the different characteristics as it helps teachers to see what areas that they are strong in and others they need to grow in.

Here are the 15 Characteristics:

Learner-Centered classroom and personalized instructionsStudents as producersLearn new technologiesGo globalBe smart and use smart phonesBlogGo digitalCollaborateUse twitter chatConnectProject-based learningBuild your positive digital footprintCodeInnovateKeep learning Wow! I feel like we have covered a few of these throughout this course. I think that this course really has helped me see some areas that I want to develop more, and continue on. Blogging wasn't something I thought I would keep doing, but I have enjoyed getting a look at how this can be used on a regular basis. The twitter chats were fun to experience, but I think I need to join in o…