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Creativity in the classroom!

Creativity within the classroom is something that some feel is needed for students to grow. I think that this is something that does need to be incorporated into the classroom even just a little bit. With some content area it is easier for a student to be creative then others. If I taught a history or literature course creativity would be flowing! In the mathematics classroom is isn't as easy to include some creativity for the students.

Within in my classroom, I try to be creative when I possible. I don't think that creativity is only based around some art based project, but I think it can be seen within the way that I teach a lesson. When I taught geometry a few years ago I needed to get creative in the way I taught my students about proofs. When I first introduced the concept to my students, I told them that they needed to give me instructions on how to get from the door to the classroom back to my desk chair. My students started to have me move and I followed the direction…