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Where does my teaching fall?

A lot of the concepts that were presented this week were concepts that have been talking about in each of our classes. The SAMR model is a great starting point for all teachers to start working with when starting to use technology in the classroom.

The Triple E concept was the one that is new to me. I found it engaging to read the check list that Nicole provided to see ways to determine if my technology is really making a difference. So let's first discuss the Triple E concept.
I like that this concept is simple and easy to understand. As an educator builds a lesson, each E allows the teacher to see the true effectiveness for the technology being used. Technology being added into a classroom should have a purpose. I like that this model has 3 areas that it can provide a purpose. Extending a lesson allows it to get to the next level. Enhancing it allows for further development, and engaging helps keep the focus on the learning targets and not just how it can be presented in a differ…