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How many Karen Perrys are there in the world?

Well this blog post is one of the harder ones for me to type. There are a LOT of "Karen Perry"s. There is a famous author, one who had her children killed in a plane crash, and a bunch of others. I searched with my name in quotes, added in my middle initial, and with my full middle name. The only thing that I could find under the search with my full middle name was under images. There was a picture of me from my twitter account, and a photo I took of my calculator at a TI conference.

So then I started to look myself up on Here I was found on the first page and it was a photo from my facebook page. This also popped up more information on me once you clicked into the page. It was interesting to see that the addresses listed were some recent, but others were older from high school. I moved around a lot as a student due to apartments and such, so I was surprised to see some of the old addresses. has two Karen Perry's listed in Waukegan, IL. This was kin…