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Adulting: Meet the Adult

Name: Karen Perry
Alias: Ms. Perry, Ms. P, KP, or Tete
Occupation: High School Math teacher

Life is just a game, and every new adventure takes you to the next level. At this moment, I feel like I am playing through Adulting Level 5: Masters Program. I have made it through the other levels of turning 18, choosing a college, leveling up when I received my BA in Secondary Education - Mathematics. Add in the level up for moving into my own apartment, followed by level 4 landing my first teaching job! Which brings us no to level 5: Masters program.

I am very excited to be working on my masters. I am just finishing up my 5th year of teaching high school mathematics at Waukegan High school. My goal was to finish or start my masters degree by my 5th year of teaching, and with the motivation of a fellow co-worker and friend I applied and started in the fall of 2016.

I am a techie at heart. I may not know a lot of things, but I sure do enjoy exploring new aspects of technology. I have had a sm…