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Digital Literacy

As the world of technology has expanded, along with the amount information accessible on the internet, digital literacy is an important topic to discuss with students, parents, and teachers.

Digital literacy can be defined as the capability to use digital technology and knowing when and how to use it.  

Literacy is no longer just what you read from a book, news paper, or magazine. Today, we include anything that can be accessible via the internet. I have never been a big reader, and once I got a kindle I began reading more. I was able to access new things to read, and expand my literacy.

What comes along with these advances in the idea that everyone needs to know how to use these skills and be able to operate them effectively. I included the graphic to the left as it breaks down the different areas that need to be explored for digital literacy. Digital literacy isn't learning how to use multi-media, or typing a paper, or using the online sources without knowing what information i…