Bonus: Digital Map explained!

What the heck is a digital spaces map?
         And really, why do we care about it? 

I had not heard of the digital spaces map until recently. I thought that it was kind of interesting of a concept to look at the way I use different digital apps/programs/web pages. The map itself is lied out into 4 quadrants. Right up my math brain alley! The vertical axis shows the span of personal versus professional. While the horizontal axis shows the span between visitor and resident. The basic idea between personal and professional wasn't that hard to grasp, but the idea of visitor versus resident was what made a difference to adding items to the list.

Some basic thoughts I had before I started were of the following:

  • What types of things do I include?
  • How do I know how big to make the space for each item?
  • How do I know when I have crossed over from visitor to resident? 
  • Should all the colors be different or should they be based on the item itself?
  • Is there a "right" way to make this thing?
K.Perry's Digital Spaces Map (Google Drawing)
So as I was creating this map, which wasn't that hard once I got started by the way, I started to see that a lot of the things I use are more and more toward the resident side. I began to see the resident end more as a place for me. I thought that it was also interesting to see how some of my items over lapped the personal/professional world. For example, I use amazon for my personal random shopping, but this year I found that I was purchasing books for students (since I have prime) so that they would have them in time for the required course. We don't have many bookstores near by, and this was a nice alternative for many of the students. 

Not only is my professional end based on teaching, but also relates to my tutoring side business I have. I need things for the ACT or ideas for different examples based on what my students need additional help in. Of course Gmail is probably used the most. That is impart due to corresponding with my schedule for tutoring, personal usage, and the fact that my school uses Google for Education. 

I am interested to see how this map could change in a few years, as well as what it looked like years ago before the boom of technology. This has been an eye opening activity to see where my usage is at. It would be interesting to see what my students' maps would be like!


  1. Nicely done! Is your image "random" or is there intention behind the layering and size of each shape? Always curious to see how people construct their images!

    1. The size was how much it was used. If I felt i used it more often I made it bigger. The layers were more so that the size could be seen.


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