Adulting: Meet the Adult

Name: Karen Perry
Alias: Ms. Perry, Ms. P, KP, or Tete
Occupation: High School Math teacher

Life is just a game, and every new adventure takes you to the next level. At this moment, I feel like I am playing through Adulting Level 5: Masters Program. I have made it through the other levels of turning 18, choosing a college, leveling up when I received my BA in Secondary Education - Mathematics. Add in the level up for moving into my own apartment, followed by level 4 landing my first teaching job! Which brings us no to level 5: Masters program.

I am very excited to be working on my masters. I am just finishing up my 5th year of teaching high school mathematics at Waukegan High school. My goal was to finish or start my masters degree by my 5th year of teaching, and with the motivation of a fellow co-worker and friend I applied and started in the fall of 2016.

I am a techie at heart. I may not know a lot of things, but I sure do enjoy exploring new aspects of technology. I have had a smartphone for ages, and look forward to my Galaxy S8+ to come in the next few weeks. Exploring the new features of the phones has always been fun for me, as well as the improvements to the cameras from 3mp to 12/16mp.

I always try to bring technology into my classroom, even if I have purchase the tech myself. By working in a Title 1 district (low income district), I don't get a lot of things supplied to me, but I don't let that stop the way I teach and expand the learning for my students. One great tool I use is the TI emulator to model the calculator for my students while they are working with one in their hands. I recently attended a conference put on by Texas Instruments on new ways to use the graphing calculators.

I am super excited to go to Disney for the Star Wars - Dark Side 5k for the 2nd year in a row. I am not a runner by any means, but the 5k is a walker friendly course. Last year I completed it by myself to see if I could do it. I signed up last minute, and because of that I ended up having to join a charity. I participated with TLC - Teaching and Learning Collaborative. It was a great group to raise money for has they are centered around STEM in the classroom, which being a math teacher was a perfect match! This year my oldest sister will be completing the race with me! I am so excited to do a race with her, as she is the one that got me started in the Run Disney program.

From L to R: Tanner(11) Madden (9) Bennett(2) and Colin (14) 
I have an annual pass to Disney World in Florida. Most of my family lives in the Cocoa Beach area, so I love to spend time with all of them whenever I can! My nephews love to call me Tete. I don't think I will ever get rid of that nickname. That is ok though, because they are all awesome!  My goofballs are what make any trip to Florida worth while!


  1. Very nice introduction, Karen! I wasn't aware that Texas Instruments put on conferences like that- what a great idea to target a specific audience and tool. Congratulations on the 5k! Don't sell yourself short- the fact that you are out participating in healthy endeavors sets a great example for your friends, family and students. You say you are not a runner now but it will be interesting to see how that changes for you the more races you compete in. Looking forward to following your blog. -Nicole

    1. I had heard about the conferences from another teacher that I work with who has attended them for the last 20 years. They offer some that are smaller summit events in the summer, as well as local classes at different high schools for PDs.

      I noticed that you mentioned on Briana's blog that you asked her if we work together. Oddly enough, we work together, plan and teach the same content, and for the last 3 years have shared a classroom. She is the one that mentioned NL and thus I jumped in on the program with her. It has been so nice knowing someone in my classes in person, and being able to have someone to remind me about different grad school assignments.

    2. Always great to have someone keep you on track and bounce ideas off of!

  2. Hi Karen,

    I have to say I was chuckling to myself as I read your introduction. I love the metaphor. I shudder to think what level I'm at! We're very much the same when it comes to new cell phones. There are few things I love more than shopping a phone, going to the store to buy it, and then enduring that that seemingly endless ride home and the sweet, sweet anticipation of getting it out of the box. I prefer to do this when my husband isn't home so I can just lay around and get to know all the new ins and outs, getting used to the new interface and play for a couple hours without feeling like I should be doing something else! I’m almost two year in with my first iPhone and I'm seriously considering going back to Android. I have to admit the Pixel looks really sexy. It's an addiction.

    I'm becoming more and more interested in how teachers use of technology in their personal lives how that influences the decisions they make incorporating technology into their curriculum and instruction. I may need to pick your brain about the how’s, when's, and why’s you do it in your classroom.

    Good luck on that 5K walk! I'm with you. Neither my knees nor my mind can handle running. My knees ache and my brain gets bored. However, I love walking -- especially in the summer with my camera in hand!

    That’s a great picture of your nephew's! Looks like Collin is in the midst a real meltdown :-) It's great having nieces and nephews. I have 3 nieces. Nothing like spoilin’ ‘em and givin’ ‘em back!

    Looking forward to learning with you again this term, Karen! --Doug

    1. The Pixel does look really impressive, but I'm a samsung gal. My youngest nephew Bennett wanted nothing to do with a picture with his brothers, hence why Colin is holding him. This was over the summer and the only time I have been to Disney with all of my nephews, as the older two don't have annual passes and not as Disney inclined like the rest of us. I do agree through, spoil and send them back hyped up on sugar!

  3. Hi Karen - Great introduction! Way to go on the 5k! My family and I went to Disney in January and loved it. My oldest son, age 9, is a Star Wars junkie and loved all of the Star Wars exhibits and attractions at Hollywood Studios. I can imagine doing a 5k in Disney is a fantastic experience!


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